Learn About Neuromuscular Massage

Learn About Neuromuscular Massage

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At Lifted Massage & Bodywork, we want to help you find the best massage therapy option for you. One of the techniques we recommend is neuromuscular massage. This employs a combination of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage to release pressure in your muscles and tendons.

Schedule your neuromuscular massage in Loveland, CO today. We’ll meet with you to learn more about your pain points and decide if massage for pain relief is a good solution.

Neuromuscular massage has many benefits

Did you know that massage can do more than just help you relax? Neuromuscular massage also offers a number of health benefits. Schedule a neuromuscular massage in Loveland, CO today if you need:

  • Muscle tension relief
  • Joint pain relief
  • Anxiety or chronic stress relief

Neuromuscular massage is also great for athletes, because it can enhance athletic performance and relieve tension after an injury. Make an appointment with a licensed massage therapist at Lifted Massage & Bodywork in Loveland, CO today to experience the many benefits of massage for pain relief.